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Closed Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

UPDATE AS OF 1/4/2021:
We are now accepting new clients again, on a limited availability basis. We may be booked out a few weeks/months because of this. With our current staffing we are unable to meet the demand and in discussion with several other practice owners, have discovered that this is the case with many other hospitals. We have compiled a list of practices that may be able to see your pet. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED, and please let them know that we referred you:

Parrish Creek Veterinary Hospital: 801-298-2014
Willowcreek Pet Center: 801-942-0777
Brickyard Animal Hospital: 801-486-0123 – Does not see birds or reptiles
Lakeview Animal Hospital:801-298-2314
Creekside Animal Hospital: 801-565-1263

***COVID19  UPDATE  MAY 1, 2020*** — THIS IS STILL IN EFFECT AS OF 1/4/2021
Hey All, as the state has moved to reopen most businesses, we need to update you on our status. We have decided for the time being to continue to operate in a no-contact/curbside capacity. While we understand that it is necessary for folks to get back to work and businesses to be able to operate, this pandemic is far from over. Utah has done an excellent job of minimizing the initial impact, but we need to keep in mind that more people out and about means that there will be more exposure, regardless of the state now mandating the use of masks. The health of my staff is the very most important aspect of all and the spaces inside the hospital are not designed to maintain proper social distancing. Therefore we will continue business as usual: clients will be allowed into the building for end-of-life care and brief visitation of critically ill patients only. Clients are required to wear masks at all times. We will provide a mask for clients entering the building who arrive without them, but please understand these are in limited supply for us as well. Masks with valves in them are not acceptable and will have to be replaced or covered with an additional face covering. Only two people per patient are allowed to enter the building, and young children will not be permitted. We are still asking that no one either positive for COVID19 or with any symptoms come to our office, please have someone else bring your pet to us.
For medication instructions/demonstrations we have compiled a collection of videos that we will email to you upon release of your pet from the hospital. Our doctors and technicians are able to discuss your pet’s care on release in person if this is easier than done over the phone. This will be done outside the building, unless we are dealing with awful weather. Again, you will be required to wear a mask, and social distancing of 6 feet will be enforced.
We are not accepting any cash payments and suggest that if you do not have a debit/credit card, you may purchase a prepaid Visa card at one of stores in the area that carry them.
Finally, regarding potential transmission to your pets: birds and reptiles are not susceptible to this virus-at all. The only species that we see with which there is any concern is ferrets. We will see ferrets exhibiting symptoms, but must be informed as to their potential exposure status, and again ask that no one with COVID19 themselves bring the ferret to us. We would also like to extend the invitation to board any ferrets should you be concerned about having them with you.
As always, feel free to call the office with any questions.
Stay safe and healthy-I would say give your kiddos a smooch for me, but we’re not supposed to do that right now, so maybe just (an appropriate😉) treat!
Dr. Harris

While we have been proudly providing true 24/7 availability for our patients for the last several years we are currently experiencing a doctor shortage which is preventing us from providing this.   We deeply regret that we are unable to be here for you and your pet at all times and are working hard to get back to providing this service that is truly a necessity.  You will be able to leave us a voice mail at all times which will be promptly returned by a staff member upon opening.   Know that, there may also be some times during posted hours in which we have our phones turned to our closed message.  This means that we are overwhelmed beyond capacity and would normally have to flat-out turn you away.   We so, so, so hate having to do this.  If during these times you have a true, dire, life-and-death emergency, go ahead and show up – there may be a staff member in the building taking care of in-house patients. 

There are a couple of practices that may be able to see your pets after hours.  Please call the office line for the most updated list and their contact numbers.  We will provide updates here as things change, and know that we greatly appreciate your loyalty.

Thanks for you understanding,

Dr. Harris


Driving Directions: Note that some internet search engines still have us listed on Parley’s way-the correct directions are: From I-215:  Take Exit #8 (2000 East), go south on 2000 East/Highland Dr. (left turn from east, right turn from west), turn right at the second light (Fort Union Blvd)–we are 1 1/2 blocks on the left (south side of street)

From I-80:  East to I-215 or to I-15 south to I-215 east

Surface roads:  From Murray/Midvale-7200 South (turns into 7000 South/Fort Union Blvd) eastbound-(Highland Drive too far)

From Holladay-Highland Drive south to Fort Union Blvd.

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