Carrier Guidelines

Due to a recent influx of improper carriers, and stories from other clinics’ experiences of patients escaping inside the clinic, we have put together a guide on what an appropriate carrier is.

A secure carrier must;
– Be secure enough to keep the animal inside while they are at our practice.
– Have four walls, a bottom, and a top OR be fully enclosed.
– Not have holes in it large enough for the animal to escape.
– Be stable enough that our reception and Tech staff can carry the animal inside without fear of it breaking.
– Be small enough that one person can bring it inside, as long as the size of the animal allows it.

Preferable/Appropriate Carriers:
– Kennel type carriers with a wire door.
– Wire carriers.
– Bird boxes/Mew boxes.
– Plastic totes WITH A LID. (Even a Tupperware bin as long as its large enough for the animal)
– Fabric carriers as long as they aren’t full of holes and the zipper works.
– Cuddle pouches for sugar gliders and hedgehogs as long as they aren’t full of holes and the zipper works.

Acceptable Carriers:
– Cardboard boxes (with a lid or taped closed) are okay for small birds, reptiles and small mammals that are not chewers.

– Open cardboard boxes
– Pet Beds
– Open plastic totes
– Broken/falling apart carriers of any kind
– Towels/blankets
– Laundry Baskets

If your carrier is something that your pet can chew, crawl, or fly their way out of, IT IS NOT SECURE, and a secure carrier WILL be provided at an additional rental fee.

This is for the safety of your animal first and foremost, but also for the safety of our staff. Please help us care for your animal by making sure they are safe and secure. If you have any concerns about if your carrier is appropriate, feel free to call and ask or you can email us a photo at [email protected]

Besides trips to the vet, having an appropriate, secure, sturdy carrier is very important. If you need to travel at a moment’s notice, or if you are in an emergency such as a fire or earthquake, a proper carrier could save the life of your companion.