UPDATE AS OF 7/16/2020
For our future clients: we have unfortunately had to suspend our acceptance of new clients for the time being. With our current staffing we are unable to meet the demand and in discussion with several other practice owners, have discovered that this is the case with many other hospitals. We have compiled a list of practices that may be able to see your pet. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED, and please let them know that we referred you:

Parrish Creek Veterinary Hospital: 801-298-2014
Salt Lake Veterinary Services: 801-261-3655
Willowcreek Pet Center: 801-942-0777
Brickyard Animal Hospital: 801-486-0123 – Does not see birds or reptiles.
Lakeview Animal Hospital:801-298-2314
Creekside Animal Hospital: 801-565-1263

You may let them know that our doctors are happy to consult with their doctors on any cases, we are just not able to physically handle the volume of pets at this time. Please let us know if any of these practices advice you that they are not accepting new clients, or if you find someone else who can see you so that we can add them to our list.


  • Annual/Semi-Annual Wellness Exams
  • Husbandry Evaluations (included with all comprehensive exams)
  • Prepurchase Consultations
  • New Pet Exams (include detailed husbandry assessment)
  • Spay and Neuter Surgery (Our quoted fees for this may be higher than others. This is because pain medication is always required, it is not an option that we will try to sell to you later. Would your pet want it to be optional?)
  • General and Orthopedic Surgery
  • Vaccinations (ferrets, foxes, pigs, rabbits)
  • Dental Care (Especially for ferrets, rabbits, rodents)
  • Emergency Services (daytime and after hours[AFTER HOURS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME DUE TO LIMITED STAFF])
  • Hospitalization and Intensive Care
  • Grooming Services (beak trims for birds/turtles, wing trims, nail trims, other minor grooming for species requiring it.)
  • Boarding (please ask us about medical requirements prior to booking)


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