Medication Demos

Here is where you will find videos to demonstrate how to administer various medications to your pets. Please feel free to call us if you still have questions about your prescribed medication after watching the corresponding video(s).

Demos for General medication

How to properly draw up metacam/ meloxicam.

How to nebulize a patient.

How to mix a Betadine solution

How to mix, draw up, and administer Critical Care

Here are the demos for specifically mammal patients.

Mammal Medication:
Mammal Burrito wrap:
Ferret Medication and restraint: 

Demo on administering ear drops.

Here are the demos for specifically avian patients.

Avian Medication and Burrito wrap:
Additional Avian Burrito wrap methods:

Demo on administering injectable medication to an avian patient.

Here are the demos for specifically reptile patients

Reptile Injections:
Reptile Oral Medication:
SNAKE Oral Medication: