UPDATE AS OF 1/4/2021:
We are now accepting new clients again, on a limited availability basis. We may be booked out a few weeks/months because of this. With our current staffing we are unable to meet the demand and in discussion with several other practice owners, have discovered that this is the case with many other hospitals. We have compiled a list of practices that may be able to see your pet. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED, and please let them know that we referred you:

Parrish Creek Veterinary Hospital: 801-298-2014
Willowcreek Pet Center: 801-942-0777
Brickyard Animal Hospital: 801-486-0123 – Does not see birds or reptiles
Lakeview Animal Hospital:801-298-2314
Creekside Animal Hospital: 801-565-1263

WEPC is committed to providing the highest quality care for your exotic pets, with fees that are competitive with other practitioners in the field. We do not feel that a comprehensive exam and husbandry evaluation (see Services) can be done properly in a 15-minute time block, and will spend as much time with you as necessary to make sure all your questions are answered and you have the information necessary to provide the best home possible for your pet.

We do not endorse the exotic pet trade, and feel that many exotic animals are not appropriate as pets. Those that are, often have very specific nutritional and psychological requirements, and we encourage potential owners to carefully research a species PRIOR TO ACQUISITION. We offer prepurchase consultations (see Services) at very reasonable fees for this purpose. We work with several pet rescue groups and will assist in finding responsible homes for pets in need, but we hope to see a day when this will no longer be necessary.

Due to Covid-19 precautions, and shortages on some medical supplies, we are unable to take in wildlife at this time. We recommend you contact the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources – they can possibly get you in touch with a wildlife rehabber.